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ePS Squared is an expert team of technologists.
We're dedicated to software security. No matter the project, we help companies build applications that are reliable and secure. We're on a mission to make security a priority in the software development industry.
We won't let you down.
Many companies think they can hire some off-the-shelf developer or team to build their site/app/system/whatnot. These are the same companies that call us asking if we can "fix" their site/app/system/whatnot once it's been hacked. Don't be that company. With decades of experience we'll build it right the first time and keep your wallet and blood pressure in good condition.
Let's work together...
"We're secure. We validate input, clean output and use a framework/library/function to prevent SQL injection" - Sound familiar? There's so much more to secure software development than that. When we're not building stuff, we love to help other teams improve their security practices (across the entire software development life cycle) and build better, more secure applications. It's not a competition about who's right, wrong or who knows more, but rather an industry effort to improve security. Let's work together so our Moms can use the internet without fear.
Legally, of course.
Sometimes you just need to know where you stand. Often that comes down to throwing a system into the fire. But, before you toss it out into the inferno that is the internet, let our code arsonists see what they can do.
Fixes are expensive, plain and simple.
And we're not just talking about money. Once a company has been hacked their reputation and customers disappear. But we also know *@!# happens. If *@!# happens to you, we're here to help. We can stop attacks, restore broken systems and get you back up and running in short order (i.e.: before your customers abandon ship).
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